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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Nines and AK's

When get near the red spot for the mission, you get a call - you're told to get a gangster physique at the gym. The gym is marked with a dumbbell icon on the radar.

Your gang needs weapons. Get into the car to go to Emmet's house. Drive over to the marked spot on the map.

You both complain that the weapons are old stuff. Press R1 to target, and circle or L1 to fire. First shot one bottle, then shoot 3. Each time you have to watch first and then do it yourself. L3 lets you crouch, and you are more accurate then. There are five bottles this time.

Note that things not on your TV 'screen' won't rotate through your targets with L2 / R2. Only things on your screen will.

Now you're told to manually shoot the car's gas tank. Make sure you stand back! Use R1 to aim. Respect upgraded - now you can have a 2-man gang.

You guys walk back to the car. Drive him back home to his house. Smoke says thanks. You get a call - You're told you need to find a flag and put on colors. "My bad". Hear that there's a clothes shop - Binco - around the corner from the gym.

It's nicely marked with a yellow spot - just drive there. Hop out of the car and walk in. Buy some stuff - mission passed. respect +

While you're here, might as well go work out at the gym!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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