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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Home Invasion (R)

You find Ryder digging holes in his back yard. Apparently Ryder has heard of a cache of guns. He wants to wait until it's dark, to catch them asleep.

You two get into an armored car. You've got a timer ticking down, because you have to do this before sunrise. The armored car drives REALLY slowly and badly, so be prepared for that.

Carl says to do it "Ninja style", but Ryder decides to yell out and then stand watch outside. You go to the triangle.

The instructions say to sneak so they stay asleep, and to watch the noise bar. You do get one "warning" but if you cross it twice, they wake up and the mission is over.

The easiest way to go seems to be to go right, then straightish to the green section, right there, and right at the very end of the road.You'll have to go a little ways then do a U-turn up to the upper level.

When you get there and go in, you have to bring crates out. Use the triangle to grab each one, then bring it to the truck. You can run while you're outside.

You start out with around 6:30 to go.

* one crate at top of stairs
* one crate at end of upstairs hall
* two crates inside room at end of hall
* one on other side of main living room, behind gun
* one in kitchen on right on bottom floor

When you have all of them (you actually can do it with only 3) then drive the van to the marked location, parking it in the garage.

You're told you can break into houses at night if you want to. You need a dark van to do it, and bring the van back to the "lockup".

mission passed!
respect +

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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