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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
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The cops show up at the house. They harass you guys. A "train" is going to make an unscheduled stop and has a little "something something" on board for us. The cop says to please not kill any more police officers.

Follow the arrow to drive over to where the train is. Unfortunately there's already a gang war happening there! Run over a few of the enemies with your car, then shoot up the remaining ones. There are four total enemies.

Now the Ballas show up and you have to shoot them down. By now you should have ample guns from the first dead guys, plus you can hop back into your car to run down the new threats. When you're done, the train begins to leave.

OK now run to the red spot to get onto the train. Ryder drives along behind you in the car and you have to throw down boxes to him, timing your throws to reach the car. If you miss it explodes. Keep going until the countdown hits 0 crates left, and Ryder says he's full up. You hop down to join him.

Now you have to race back to the spray painter (marked on the map) to get the car into an un-wanted state. Just blast through any blockades and you can get there. Grab some food too if you're hurt.

Finally you drive back to yet another drop off spot. Mission done!

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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