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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Burning Desire

First, you have a long drive to your destination. The cops aren't very friendly. "We own you - you're ours". They want you to take care of a gang guy, to make him leave. He's hidden molotovs in an alleyway - you have to get them. They're a green spot on your map. It's a simple matter to drive there and pick them up.

Now drive on over to the house indicated on your map. They want you to fling the cocktails into the house. Problem is, once you get in the first window and the flames begin, the residents seem to get annoyed at you. So now you have to shoot them down before you keep flinging the fire, lest you perish in a rain of bullets.

What actually works best is driving up with the machine gun and mowing them all down first. Call it preventative medicine. Once they're dead, take out the front two windows. Then go around the left and shoot anyone else that's left. Then take out the back windows.

As if this wasn't enough to torment you, now there is a girl stuck in the building. Run around to the front of the building and shoot the guy there before going in. You have to go straight to the back of the buildling and up the stairs - now down to the end of the hall. She's there and calls for help. Go back downstairs and get the fire extinguisher. Now go back UP the stairs and use it on the fire. Now it's a matter of moving from room to room putting out the fires, to get back downstairs.

Denise gives you a kiss and you have to drive her home. When you do - you have a girlfriend!!

You get a call from Sweet - he tells you to go get a gun from AmmoNation and do a job.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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