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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Management Issues

This mission can only be started between 12 noon and 5pm.

Apparently Loc got promoted to technician and is out back cleaning the fryer. He complains that nobody appreciates him. He wants you to kill Dogg's manager.

You're told the manager's driver is eating at Burger spot - you have to steal his car and meet the other drivers before 10pm.

First, go towards the red spot on the map. As you get near it, you're told that he's on the move. Of course - nothing is ever easy! Chase him down in your car and bash him once or twice. He'll get out of the car - hop into it.

OK, now you have to fix the car. The paint shops will all be highlighted on the map and luckily one is right nearby. Go to it and go STRAIGHT in because you have to keep this car perfect until you get to your next destination. You can't dent it on your way back out of the shop!

When you're ready, drive SLOWLY and carefully over to your new destination. You can't get any bumps or dents. If you get into an accident, go back and patch it up again. When you reach your destination, go PAST it and loop around - otherwise you have to turn your car around to face in line with the others. Remember, no dents!

OK now the simple part is to drive in order with the other 2 cars in a straight line to where you pick him up. This part is relatively easy - just make sure you stop when they tell you to.

Now you have the complaining manager and the screaming chick in the car. You have to get to the pier and race as fast as you can down it in the car. It'll tell you to press and hold TRIANGLE at the end to leap out - do so and you watch the car dive into the water!

You're still not done though. Now you swim to shore and have to shoot out the other drivers. Make sure your gun is ready as you come out of the water. The drivers will be marked with red triangles on your map. Just shoot the three of them!

Mission passed!
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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