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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
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Now he wants you to drive downtown. Head on over to the red spot, not too far away. There's a tag on the way to this spot. When you get there, he gets some reassurance and then needs some help.

Go into the main room and just keep targetting and shooting. It's not too bad. Just run through and kill things. When everyone is dead, take the time to get the weapons and money but most importantly the BODY ARMOR in the back fo th eroom. When you leave that room, there's more of them outside. Again, shoot them all. When it's done, you both jump onto a motorcycle.

Unlike previous missions, you are the PASSENGER on this one. You sit on back and have to manually target the various people who come after you. There are some very cool scenes of jumps and attacks in this situation, as you escape.

You have to just keep shooting at the motorcycles and cars. Don't worry about "killing" the truck, you need it soon enough. You'll use it to jump out of a bad situation. Then keep shooting at motorcycles. You'll be told to "shoot out the gate" to get into a tunnel. Shoot a few more motorcycles, and soon you are done!

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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