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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
House Party

This mission starts out nameless then morphs into House Party. There's a lot of driving as you go all the way out to his restaurant and then all the way back again.

He's grumpy and wants you to be ready for a party, to get some "real cloud girls" in bikinis. Go to the clothing shop and pick up some more clothes, then head to the OC marker. You get a call on the way to make sure you go to the party. Note you CAN save partway through this as long as you still have 6 hours left before 5am (i.e. saving advances the clock by 6 hours). That works well, so you are right there if you have to restore.

You leave the party complaining about the rhyming and then talk with your friends. Then someone runs up and says a gang is coming up to attack you. You have a good sized crew with you.

First, by the cars. Crouch behind a car and shoot them all to take them out. Some will stay behind their cars so you have to move around the sides to get them. Next, there are four up on the bridge. Those are easy to shoot down - they fall off.

Now for the tricky part - they come swarming in from the alleys, from both sides of your little dead end. You can't get into the car to run them down - someone glued all the doors shut. Suspicious. Get behind a car and protect yourself while taking out the swarms of attackers. This certainly isn't an easy mission and it requires patience. You can't just blast away. You have to stay crouched and hidden, and snipe carefully.

If you do that, and go slowly, you can make it through the first two waves without any harm at all - and then just survive the last one.

Mission passed
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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