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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

The first building you get is your mom's, now that she was killed. Rather sad. It has an upstairs area with a wardrobe, plus a camera and spray paint can. Downstairs is a save spot. The garage holds one car. Your childhood friend and brother live right next door.

Los Santos (starting area)
Ganton - $0 (your childhood home, garage)
Willow Field - $10,000 (run down, no garage)
Glen Park / Jefferson - $10,000 (small house, no garage)
El Corona - $10,000 (small house with garage)
Verona Beach - $10,000 (condo, no garage)
Santa Maria Beach - $30,000 (beachfront home with garage)

Red County (northern area of main island)
Mulholland (top) - $120,000 (modern style with pool in back, small garage)
Mulholland (bottom) - Dogg mansion , 3 garages
Blueberry - $10,000 (apartment, rustic wicker chic, no garage)
Dillmore - $40,000 (ranch with little garage)
Palomino Creek - $35,000 (small ranch with little garage)

Whetstone / Flint (southwest map area)
Angel Pine N - $20,000 (quiet country rustic house with front porch, no garage)
Angel Pine S - $0 (trailer park save spot, after badlands mission, no garage)
Leafy Hollow / Whetsone - $100,000 (huge farm in center of area)

San Fierro (western city area)
Hashbury - $40,000 (warehouse apt, giant garage)
Doherty - $20,000 (apartment, no garage)
China Town - $20,000 (apartment)
Palisades / Paradiso - $20,000
Financial (top of Lombard Street) - $100,000 (nice house with garage)
Hotel in Kings - $50,000 (just a suite, no garage)
Zero's shop - $30,000 (earns money after a few missions)
Car Dealership - $50,000 (earns money after a few car missions)
Garcia - our garage we get on entering San Fierro

Tierra Robada / Bone County (northwest / north map area)
El Quebrados - $20,000 (run down house with screened porch, no garage)
Las Barrancas (west) - $20,000 (rustic house, no garage)
SW of island area
Fort Carson (west) - $30,000 (rustic house with detached large garage)
Aircraft Graveyard Airfield (get after mission, earns up to $10,000)

Las Venturas (northeast city area)
Redsands west - $30,000 (adobe ranch with 2-car garage)
White Wood Estates - $30,000 (ranch house with 2 car garage)
Prickle pine - $50,000 (residential house with 4-vehicle garage)
Pirates in Men's Pants - $6,000 (hotel suite - blue futon style, no garage)
The Camel's Toe - $6,000 (hotel suite - egyptian themed, no garage)
Rockshore West - $20,000 (ranch house with chain fence lawn, nice rooms, garage)
The Clown's Pocket - $6,000 (hotel suite - also egyptian themed, no garage)
Old Venturas Strip "Casino" - $6,000 (hotel suite)
Creek - $10,000 (little apartment building complex, casual furniture, no garage)
Four Dragons Casino - free save point

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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