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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Anti-Cop Star Locations

When you do "bad things" and cops see you, your wanted star level goes up. If you find stars around town, they will reduce that wanted level for you. Make sure you find and memorize these stars so you can get to them easily in a crisis situation. You don't want to have to be consulting maps and counting turns!

* Starting Home - Behind the gym near Denise's red heart house - go out of the gym, go left down the street and left into the alley

* Glen Park - In the tunnel by the pond, in the Doberman mission

* Alley Pine - In an alley in the central square, right behind the sherrif's office

* Red County / Blueberry area - On the ATV dirt path

* San Fierro - train tracks behind gas station north of your garage.

* San Fierro - center of white block in northern Calton Heights, one "square" west of most northeastern part of this city area.

* Las Venturas - southwest of Wu Zi's building in cobblestone area.

* Las Venturas - within obelisk in front of Luxor pyramid.

* Las Venturas - RedSands West, there's a pair vertical green stripe lots. It's in an alley between them.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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