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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Territories to Take Over

Part of the aim of this game is to "take over" all the territories on the map. You can't actually start doing it until the gameplay makes a mission out of the first takeover. Once you win that first mission, then your map gets shown in a different manner. Green will highlight any territories you own, and purple will highlight other territories (or other colors).

To start a takeover, you go with your "crew" into an enemy territory and start shooting. You'll be told you've begun a gang war. Stay there and shoot anyone who comes at you, through three waves. When you're done the territory becomes yours, and you start raking in the cash at your house.

Note that once you can take over other peoples' territories, they can try to take over yours as well. You'll get an alert, anda flashing icon on your screen. When that happens, grab a few crew members and head over there. Usually there are hearts and/or body armors scattered around the combat area to help you out. If you win, the territory remains yours.

Here are the territories to take over, and suggestions on how to get them. By the time you're here you should have max stamina and strength, to help you survive the fights.

* Pond area - part of the first mission. Stay in the star tunnel.

* Area immediately across bridge to right from your home, with the basketball court. If you just stay in the court area and let them come to you, you have a nice high ground to shoot from.

* Area to south of Denise's house with the two story strip mall. The strip mall with red lettered signs makes a perfect sniping spot for shooting them down.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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