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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Wanted Star Levels

One of the basic ideas in any of the GTA series is that you have a "wanted level". Normally, cops will ignore you. But if you do something bad in their view, they will radio to their pals and start to track you down. The more trouble you cause, the more they will go after you. If you get wanted stars, you can make them go away either by hiding out for a while, or by going into a Paint and Spray to redo the vehicle you're in.

There are also "spinning gold stars" in various spots of the map - those reduce your wanted level by one.

If you want to get a higher star level, do public mayhem. Standing in an intersection with a flamethrower will rack up those stars quickly!

1 star - basic level, cops will chase you if they see you
2 stars - A bit more advanced, cops are enthusiastic. The Cop Chevy Blazers begin to appear.
3 stars - Choppers start following you - sometimes they come from underneath you :) :)
4 stars - Choppers and heavy duty police vans try to mash you into the ground
5 stars - Black FBI sedans full of guys start racing after you :)
6 stars - x

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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