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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Ammu-Nation Practice

If you go into the Ammu-Nation in Las Venturas, there's a pistol range for you to test your skill (and build up your rankings) with various weapons. Here is what you get.

You go through two rounds of targets before you get to a "shared target" - the first person to score 20 points wins the round. The question here is - why would he possibly shoot the handgun sideways? Didn't he watch the Sopranos? Everyone knows that you are MUCH more accurate when you line your gun up straight. Anyway, don't shoot until the target locks into the fully down position. Then aim at each circle area and blast away. Be sure to shoot your gun until it's empty between targets so that you start each new target with a full round of ammo.

Once again you get 2 rounds of single targets before a third round with a shared target. Get 20 points to move ahead. Again, it might come down to reloading - if they have to reload in the middle of taking out a target, you can surge ahead.

Gotta love the shotgun. I know I do. It makes a great sound and blasts your target into little bits. Round 3 as usual has a shared target with 20 points as the aim. A lot of people get stuck here. The trick is to aim in sections. If you aim at the bottom section you could get one of any four of them. If you aim at the top section you could get one of the top three. Don't worry about getting one particular one - aim for the big areas in the center to get as much as you can. A lot of the shotgun level comes down to timing - you have to shoot AFTER the target comes down, to make sure it counts.

Another three rounds here which are easier than the shotgun - but you don't seem to get anything for finishing this off!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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