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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Oyster Shells

There are tons of things to watch for in this game! You find oyster shells in various locations, how many can you find?

* Las Venturas - absolute northeast corner of the entire map. Using a jetpack works well.
* Las Venturas - northeast corner, big Rock hotel, flying V guitar pool in back
* Las Venturas - The Visage / Mirage Hotel Pool under the waterfall
* Las Venturas - Pirates / Treasure Island Pool - just in front of skull
* Las Venturas - Tiki-hut motel swimming pool across from La Conca, near Caligula's Palace

* Las Venturas - Excalibur - when on the bridge over the moat, it's near the wall on the left side.
* Bone County - From your airport save point, go straight north to the coast, then go east until you hit a downslope with a boat.
* Tierra Robada - from the mini bridge in the center of this area, jump in the water and swim out to the higher bridge, east.
* Tierra Robada - cross the road from the indian village. It's under the seaplane
* Tierra Robada - inlet SE of of the school with a seaplane, oyster is right at the tip of the inlet.

* Tierra Robada - behind Torino's farm with the monster truck, follow the path to the boathouse. It's under the boathouse.
* Tierra Robada - by Torino's farm, go into the little inlet, under the first bridge
* Tierra Robada - there's a short little grey bridge beneath Las Barrancas. Look under it
* Tierra Robada - at north side of dam, there's a pair of towers. In between the western pair is the oyster.
* Tierra Robada - From Las Barrancas go north then west at the 4-way. At the bridge take your next left. At the stone wall, jump over the middle.

* San Fierro - Golden Gate bridge, between northernmost bridge support and shoreline
* Los Santos - Glen Park, pond bottom - the spot for the Doberman mission

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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