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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Ambulance Missions

There are hospitals in each area of the map, and each one has ambulances around it. Just hop into one for a trouble free drive through town, as the cars move out of your way (except the taxis who don't seem to care). You can also do ambulance missions, where you go around gathering up people and bringing them to the hospital on a timer. Ambulances are top heavy, so be careful how you drive them around corners.

You start out having one guy to go rescue and bring back. Just drive near him and then drive him back to the hospital. Then there are two guys out there for you to get, then three, then four. The ambulance only holds 3 people which doesn't matter for the first 3 missions - but on the ones after 3 you have to figure out if you are going to get 3 then 1, or 2 and 2 for timing reasons, i.e. you get an extra time bonus each time you return people back to the hospital. By mission 5 you want to do 3 and then 2, but now you really have to work on your route skills to find the fastest way between them all.

These missions are a really great way to learn the city. Every time you pick someone up you get extra time added to your list. If you don't get everyone back before your timer runs out, you are done. Use the map mode to help you plot out what you're going to do each time. To just earn fast money, do this in Angel Pine - it's a nice, easy, tiny map. You can easily rack up tons of cash doing these missions. 10 minutes work - buy a house.

When you finally reach level 12, you get an increase in your maximum health bar. Note that in Vice City, by reaching level 12 you got infinite sprint.

Level 1 - 1 person
Level 2 - 2 people
Level 3 - 3 people
Level 4 - 4 people
Level 5 - 5 people
Level 6 - 6 people
Level 7 - 7 people - $2,450 bonus
Level 8 - 8 people
Level 9 - 9 people - $4,050 bonus
Level 10 - 10 people - $5,000 bonus
Level 11 - 11 people - $6,050 bonus
Level 12 - 12 people - $6,500 bonus

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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