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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Taxi Missions

Taxi missions are a REALLY great way to learn each area of the map. Your task is to pick up a person and quickly take him or her to the destination. It is really critical in most of the missions to know your way around the city. The taxi missions are an easy way to learn, and earn you money, too. They're pretty good about not sending you on gigantically huge wild goose chases, giving you reasonable fares.

When you activate a mission, go up to a person indicated to pick them up. They'll tell you where to go and a map icon will light up showing you where to head over to. Taxis are nice and fast and have none of the driving issues that ambulances or fire trucks do, so it's a great way to start out driving around. You have a timer running, so get there in time to get paid and to take on another mission.

The money per mission isn't huge, maybe up to $50 if you get a good tip. For example, a fare from the airport all the way across town is a base payout of $44. But as you go, you begin to rack up bonusses. $500 after 5, $1,000 after 10, $1,500 after 15 and so on. This is the same amount you got in Vice City.

In Vice City, after 100 fares were delivered you earned "boost" which was a special jump your cabbie could do. We haven't hit 100 fares yet.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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