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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Vigilante / Cop Missions

For these missions, you hop into a cop car. The system identifies a crook for you - typically someone driving near you. You have to chase them down and bash their car to get them to stop. You can do well on this one with a good SMG so you can shoot at them as well as bash their car with your own. Many of the techniques you learn in driving school are very useful in these missions.

If you have a ton of ammo for your SMG, then stealing a cop motorcycle works well, because you can shoot forward from a motorcycle. You just ride up behind the car and blast away! Each time you get a suspect, your level increases, you get more time left, and the # of kills racks up. If you get out of your vehicle, you have a minute to get back in again before the mission ends.

In level 1 it's just one guy in a car. In level 2, there are 2. By level 3 there are three guys in the car that shoot at you as you chase them.

In Vice City if you reached level 12, you got an increase of base armor to 150. We're not sure in this game yet!

There are regular cop cars, cop motorcycles, and cop Blazer/Bronco SUVs.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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