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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Car Stealing Missions

I love the car stealing missions!! You dno't get this until deep into the San Fierro missions, after you blow up the cocaine factory with a car bomb. You then get a phone call saying you should go buy the car dalership for $50,000. You can do that - and it's empty. The first mission is to chase down an Uranus, which ends up in your lobby. The second is to steal 2 cars from a dealership, then the third is to steal a car off a ship. Once you do these 3 missions, the full car stealing ring is open to you.

The better quality the car is in, the more money you get.

Camper - $25,272

Car Listing with Photos

In addition to the list of cars they want, they also import vehicles that you can buy. They add extra cars onto this list as you bring in cars.

Sun, Wed - Club $28,000
Mon, Thu - Perennial, $8,000
Tue, Fri - Jester $28,000
Sat - Camper $20,800

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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