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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Wear Flowers In your Hair

BTW the title is based on the song, "Are you going to San Francisco" which is of course what San Fierro is named after / based on. Part of the song says "where the girls wear flowers in their hair ..."

CJ is upset at the garage and yells at Cesar - but Cesar says not to blame him. Kendl says to just make it INTO a garage. She says to make it good enough and they'll help. Truth says he knows some mechanics. "We'll pick up Jethro first." This is Vietnamese gang territory. Drive over to the red spot. Press L3 to honk the horn. Jethro hops in.

Now you're driving over to the hospital. It's a red plus sign on your map. Once you get there, you see a black van drive away. Truth says "I've seen enough". It's about a subdural, but he won't tell you what it's all about. Now you go to get Dwayne who is working at a hot dog spot. He says he'll meet you there.

Next stop is marked in blue on the map. Drive on over to it. Truth says "Don't look interested in anything. Picture a pink golfball in your mind." Now he wants you to go get Zero, who is an electronics guy. He's got radio controlled stuff! Get back to the garage, and drive in to the garage.

You say you'll transform this place. You introduce Jethro, Dwane and Zero. Kendl says "You buy a dump like this - fix it up - and sell it".

Mission Passed!

You get a phone call - Zero calls. Disaster - his landlord is selling his shop. You say you want to invest in some property at the moment.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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