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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Yay Kaboom-boom

Cesar is proud of you, but you're upset about killing Ryder. Cesar tells you that Ryder tried to go after your sister. Cesar says "You did something good, eh?" Wu zi comes in. He says that you should take out your "former friends factory".

You get a call - someone is rigging a car with explosives for you to blow up the factory. It's at the bomb shop, marked with a yellow triangle. Go on over there. When you get there, you're told the car is ready for you. There's a delay timer on it to give you time to get out of it. You have to park the car inside the crack lab.

This is a good mission to have body armor on - you're going to be taking some serious gunfire.

OK, head on out to the new mark on the map. There's no timer running or anything. When you get there, kill the guards and the gate opens up. If you just drive in, they'll shoot the car up enough that it'll explode prematurely. It works better to shoot them all first and then take the car in , going left then around up the ramp and left into the indicated spot by the tanks.

Press circle to start the timer. You now have 40 seconds to get out while shooting your way out. Work your way out relatively slowly, you have the time to get out carefully. Once it blows, you have to get out the main gate. There's no longer a timer so just work slowly across the area, shooting the snipers as you go.

Then you have to steal a car and do a stunt jump exit over the ramp, driving back to the garage. It's not too far away. Note if you screw up the car, they give you another one :)

Mission passed!
respect +

Now you get a strange call about your brother, from a ranch. You also get a call (finally!!) for a car dealership!!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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