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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Test Drive

Cesar says that 2 cars you guys want are in the shop across town. Cesar says that he really likes San Fierro and so does Kendl. You two drive together over there. The cars are upstairs of course! SMASH :)

Now you have to leap out after Cesar and follow along behind Cesar who is zooming along the roads of San Fierro. It's like a fun road race :) He in fact goes left left - right right twice in a row so you can instead drive straight up the road towards Lombard street, and take a right at its base.

Soon you have two stars and the cops are on your tail, right along a trolly line. Now you discover your car has nitro boost and Cesar tells you to nitro. It's safer to just follow the cops vs trying to ride in their midst. You lose the cops, finding more cops, and getting into an alley. The cops come in the other end so you have to do a back out and U-turn. Now you zig zag through construction, jump the ramp, and head back to the garage.

Mission passed!
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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