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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Customs Fast Track

Cesar and Kendl talk about living a normal life. They wonder about Sweet. Cesar talks to a guy in the meantime. It's about freight containers on the dock. One has a cool car in it - he marked it with a spraycan. You get into the car with him and head on down to the dock area as marked.

You're told to get in the crane, and see that none are marked with spray paint. You hvae to try them one at a time. Lower the magnet with X, raise it with square. Rotate around to the red circle on the map and use circle to drop it. The first two are of course failures. We took the furthest left one last which has to get put down furthest along the track. That's the one, a red sportscar. Unfortunately a car drives up just then. Jump out and shoot down the enwcomers. Cesar has a health bar. A second car shows up - shoot them too. Now run over to the car and hop in with him.

Drive on back to your garage.

Mission passed!
You get the wanted car list now! It's on the Easer Basin Docks for vehicles to export. You use that crane and put them on the ship. Vehicles are also imported on certain days.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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