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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

You show up and find Cesar talking with Wu Zi. "They're the local syndicate". T-Bone Mendez, Jizzy B, the biggest pimp in town. They don't know the white guy. Jizzy runs the Pleasure Dome club.

You have to go to his club - marked with a blue egg. It's the far end of town, so plan on some time to get there.

It's a stripper's club and Jizzy is sitting in the back corner with two girls. You tell him you want the hook-up and are offering your services. He says he does have a problem, that a muscle like you could fix. Some lunatic is killing his girls. He wants you to find out who that is.

He also wants you to drive his car downtown. It's the "pimpmobile". Drive the girl carefully to the center of town. Call in to Jizzy. Now he has an errand for you to run. Someone is trying to steal his girls. You have to go kill him. You're on a timer now, so zip over there as quickly as you can and kill him.

Next, a girl has a health bar and you have to race over and kill her attackers before she dies. But is that all? No! Now you have to go back to the hotel and get the first girl again, who has two carloads of attackers going after her. Slay them all and finally you are done!

mission passed!

A call comes in - Wu Zi has a betting shop in Chinatown and wants you to come visit.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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