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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

Jizzy calls and needs your help. Your first task is to get to the car, marked with blue on your map. It's in an "X" gas station over by the pumps. You get there and climb in wondering why nobody is in it. Then someone grabs you from behind. T-Bone is upset with you. He wants to know who you're working for. Mike comes along and says you're late for a shipment.

You have to drive out to the van's location. It's not very far away, it's at "Shady Industries". Mike tells you to go out and grab a bike. There are lots of great weapons here. Then hop on the bike and you go to escort the vehicle on the road. The van you're riding with is in blue - your task is to ride to the red area and blow up all the red marked blockaders before it gets to you.

They're in a nice clump so if you get one to blow up - it'll pretty quickly take them all out. When it does, you're told to ride ahead and take care of the next roadblock.

OK, back on your bike and ride along the path. It's really not that far along. Again, hop out and blow them all up. Luckily they're not very smart and don't shoot at you until you start blowing them up even as you run at them with a flamethrower or rocket launcher :)

The rocket launcher is really pretty key, as some guys at this second spot are up on walls (in the windows) and need distance weapons to take them out.

On to the third spot. There are two parts to this area - a front and back part. When this section is clear, your instructions are to make sure the van gets to its destination safely. Hop into a vehicle and follow along with it just a block or two further. When you park, you tell them to hide the van.

Mission passed!
respect +

You end with a three star rating - the nearest paint and spray is back near your garage.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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