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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Snail Trail

You're in your garage and hear some cops are in the office. It's Tenpenny and his pal. They remind you about your brother. Apparently a bleeding heart liberal is bugging them, a journalist. You have to shut him up and the stoolie too.

First, there's a sniper rifle hidden in the green spot on the map, in the construction area. It's in the pipes.

Now you hear the reporter is at Cranberry Station - a train station. You have to go there before his train leaves, to see who he meets up with. Note that there isn't a timer on the screen.

When you get close, you hear that the reporter is on the train and that you have to follow it. Drive a car along the tracks, following the train marked iwth a red arrow. Watch out for trains coming from the other way, and be careful about getting across the bridges. Eventually it pulls in to an underground station. You get a "spook-o-meter" so that you don't get too close to him. Walk along behind him (he has a red arrow over his head) so you can see him but so you're not too close. He'll stop occasionally - if you try to move away from him at this point it seems to make it works. Just maintain a constant distance.

Now he's on the street looking for a cab - you have to find a car to take to tail him. Be careful - if you carjack something right in front of him, he'll get upset! Now you get to follow him in his car, not getting too close - but not losing him either. A motorcycle seems to work well in general. You end up out on the marina and see that he's slowing down to meet his target. You have a sniper rifle and have to assassinate them both. Use R1 to use the scope. L2 and R2 zoom.

Mission Passed!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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