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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
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You talk to Cesar about a job you have to do, and he provides you with a nice weapon. You have to go see Jizzy at the Pleasure Domes Club.

When you get there, they won't let you in the door. You decide to go in through the skylight instead. GO to the construction to th eleft side of the buildling and go up all of the wooden ramps. Be careful so you don't fall off the edges. Up at the top it goes across to the main building. Now you have to position yourself so you can jump down and land on the roof, on its highest part. Go to the spot where you can get in.

Now, sneaking, move along the top catwalk and then down the ramp into the side hallway. Sneak down the stairs both levels to where he is. Keep going around the left side. When you get close it goes into a cut scene. Jizzy threatens his group and says he's about to make the money call. One girl says that Jizzy should ask for more of a cut.

You have a talk with Jizzy and he runs off - you now have to fight his crew. Shoot them all down with a SMG and then head on out the door marked with the yellow spot. You see him and a guy hop into a car, with the phone. Jump into a nearby car and go on after him.

It's a car chase, follow the red arrow and shoot at him when you get close. Jizzy calls out to you random things as you drive. Kill both of the guys and then collect the phone. You call Cesar and tell him to meet you at Pier 69. You're going to take down the Loco Syndicate.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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