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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Pier 69

Cesar calls for you to go up to the roof with him. Go around to the right and up the stairs over to him.

He gets a call and hears that you have to clear out the roof guys that have ambushed the cloud dudes. Take out your sniper rifle and start shooting them - you should practice with it before starting the mission so you're not fumbling for the zoom keys and such at this critical time.

Shoot the enemies on the right first (NOT the triad guys - only the guys with red arrows over them). and then look left for a few more over on the other building. If you're not fast enough, the triad guys will be slain. When they're all dead, you see T-bone approaching with Ryder. It's the Ballers. "Something ain't right - where's Torino?" says you. Now in comes a chopper with Mike - they see the bodies and take off.

You and Cesar go down to the street. Shoot your way over to Mendez - you shoot him and h goes off the fence. You then talk to Ryder who runs for the boats. He gives you the finger and dives in. You're told to hump in and swim after him, and kill him. Swim towards the red dot - he's going for the boat in front so go for the boat behind that.

Yup, now you're doing a boat chase where you have to try to shoot him out of the side of the boat. You should be able to catch up to him pretty quickly and then ride alongside him to shoot at him. Occasionally you have to watch out for other boats and bridges. Boats are pretty sturdy so it'll take a while.

When you kill him, Cesar calls and checks on you.

Mission passed
respect +

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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