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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Farewell, My Love ...

Catalina is upset that you're up here racing, and she says that she told you to stay away because she loves you. Now she says she loves someone else. She loves another man now and wants to race you.

Once again it's a four car race. The car you're in is a squirrly one (a ZR-350) and there are a fair number of tractors on the road to dodge. Again, learn the path. Get to know the race.

The first few checkpoints are straight, so cut a few corners. The second cut corner goes through a cop star and gives you a huge advantage. Don't cut the corner after the logs - there's a chasm to the left. After the bridge is a straight run where you can go quite fast. You go right through a farm and through Blueberry and over another bridge - be cautious along the river.

1st - 3:26

She's upset - "You had an unfair advantage!" She and her lover are going to Liberty City, so she gives you the deed to her garage in San Fierro. San Fierro is the town to the western side of your map that you haven't been to yet.

Mission Passed

At this point it seems to appear that you have NO missions. Don't forget about your other various missions - ambulances, cabs, etc. Plus you have San Fierro to check out!

Cell phone call - Truth says people are listening to you, then he hangs up.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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