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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Going on a Date

Once you get Denise as a girlfriend, you of course want to take her out on a date! Go by her house in a car and she'll hop in with you, as long as the red circle is out front meaning it's a good time. She has certain neighborhoods that she likes well - currently she likes your home area. There's a bar right there with green bottles on it (it shows up as a martini glass on your map) called Ten Green Bottles. Go there.

You get a video of you and her talking and having fun together. When you're done drinking, you now drive her home again. She says she had fun and wants to see you again ... and your Denise-o-meter goes up a bit. You also open up the ability to do a two player game, shown with a little "two people" icon in front of her house.

You can also go to a fast food restaurant, and get a scene of you two holding hands while you eat you fries.

There are flowers in various spots in town - she's quite happy if you give some to her!

You keep seeing her every night if you can, watching the progress of your relationship move along. After a date or two she'll invite you in for "coffee", and you hear that she really seems to enjoy her coffee :)

If you abandon her for too many days in a row, the relationship begins to falter - just like in real life!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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