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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Madd Dogg

You get this after you become partners with Wu Zi. It's in the Royal Casino. You see Madd Dogg up on the roff, and guys are down yelling for him to jump. He lost all his cash in the casino. You tell him that he's still a Gangster. His manager got killed, someone stole his rhyme book, all of course which you did. You tell him that he just needs a new manager - i.e. you.

Run off to get the marked pickup truck which is just a little ways away. It's full of cardboard boxes. There's no timer here - just drive into the red spot. Now you have to use X and square to go forward and backwards - you don't have to go closer to the building. If you get into the right spot, you catch him. If not, SPLAT!

Now he's half dead and you have to take him to a special hospital, marked on your map. You talk to him as you drive. You have to go very carefully - there's no timer, but it requires careful driving.

When you get to the red spot - it's "Ivory Towers". You tell him to get himself straightened out. He says when he's clean he'll look you up.

mission passed!
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