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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Vertical Bird

Ken calls and you tell him that you want him and Paul to come out to the Mansion, which you now in essence own - you can use the gym, play basketball, and wander around. There's even a sparrow helicopter on the roof.

When you start this mission you get some questionable interactions between the English band members while Madd Dogg raps. Torino talks in through the speaker system. He's waiting for you outside. He drives you down a long road and tells you to steal a military jet and destroy a flotilla of spy ships. He has a fast boat waiting for you. There's a silenced pistol and knife in the boat.

If you have a silenced pistol before you get here it helps out - it gives you more ammo. Just drive to the boat and you'll get a cut scene and a funny exchange between you and Torino :) Jump into the water and begin swimming. Go right for the back of the boat, you don't have to go underwater. You're shown a cut scene of where the SAM sites are controlled and what a military jet looks like.

Crouch and wait for it to look clear. Then sneak forward - shoot the forklift driver and head up the stairs. Now there's a second staircase but you don't have to go up it. Just go into the open door. Shoot the guards in this room and move through in a straight line through a door to the control room where you have a red spot marked to turn off the SAM sites. Now you're told to steal a military jet.

Go out and right down the longhallway, shooting as you go. If you go out to the little balcony on the right, you can see the plane ahead of you. When you get to the plane, you have to press the right thumbstick forward in order to change thrust to forward. It's in essence a harrier.

Now you have to shoot the military jets that are chasing you. You have countermeasures (stuff you drop to avoid being hit by missiles) which you release with the CIRCLE button. Fly around chasing the red marks and get into a dogfight. You really need to practice your pilot skills before you get into this, so you're very good with flying and tight turning.

When you're ready, move on to the flotilla. You need to fly towards each ship until the circle on it turns red and then launch your missiles. If there are still jets left when you finish with the ships, you do still need to take those out. Torino calls in - "You see? Childs Play". You're grumpy with him. He signs off. Land on the landing strip in the desert now. You then have to guide it into the hangar, marked with the red spot.

Mission passed!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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