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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Home Coming

Torino shows up and you're grumpy with him. He claims he has one more job for you. Sweet calls for you - they released him. He's outside the precinct and wants you to pick him up. Torino's job is for you to pick up your brother. Awwwww.

Hop into the car that's waiting for you. Drive on over and pull up where indicated. It shows Sweet walking down to see you. "We got a mansion, Sweet!" You want to get him some new clothes, and he's upset. He wants to go back to the hood. He says you're running from what's real. You say he doesn't want to be there - and he says you sound just like Smoke.

You tell him, "What you want, it ain't around here no more." He wants to go back home anyway. Drive to the spot indicated on the map. Pull up in front of your mom's house. You see a thief running off with your mom's blender. He wants you to clear out the vagrants.

You have to clear out the crack dealers - Sweet has a health bar. You want to kill any guys with purple on them. The green guys are your guys who are currently under the influence of crack. A few deaths and you've provoed a gang war. There's a health in the middle of the street. Soon you've survived the first and second waves. Don't get too far away from Sweet - let the gang members come to you.

The Hood is Yours!

Now you have a tiny green strip amongst all the purple territory. The drug dealers are marked with red spots - so track them all down and kill them.

When the drug dealers are all slain, you say you want to go see Kendl. Sweet says he wants Kendl to come see you in your home.

mission passed!
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