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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Cut Throat Business

You're in the studio with Madd Dogg and he's all upset about Loc - Madd Dogg realizes that Loc is using his rhymes. In the background you get a bit of wildness from the English dudes.

You and Madd Dogg are going over to the video shoot, in a BF Injection. Drive along the path heading towards the marked yellow spot. You have go to out through the Flint Intersection, into Flint County. Pull into the parking lot to see teh cut scene. He jumps into a hovercraft to escape and of course conveniently there are 2 other ones sitting there for you and Madd Dogg!

Your aim here is NOT to shoot or bash him - simply to follow him. Drive along behind him through the botes, over the jumps, keeping up. You get fun sand driving, goingover the bridge over the canal. Once you get to know the route, you don't even have to follow him, you can in fact beat him to his destination. You end up on the long wooden pier.

When you're halfway down the pier, you get another cut scene and now you're in go-carts, which of course come in threes as well. zoooooooooom! You go up stairs and up through the famous Yacht Harbor sign from Santa Monica in real life. You go up and down streets and then go into Vinewood with big arches over the road. Just keep following him. You get to a red brick alley and then turn left up stairs for a cut scene.

You're in the office with Loc and yell at him for stabbing you and your brother in the back. He claims he was going to give Madd Dogg credit. Jimmy Silverman from a record company shows up - he says He Needs Hits. You guys get the book back.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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