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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
T-Bone Mendez

Jizzy is upset about a business arrangement. T-Bone talks to someone on the phone and says he has to run. You go with Jizzy - but when you leave the room it's you alone, and it says that you have to go to the "ambushed van". There's a mark on the map for you. There's no timer or health bar, so there's no real rush. Just get out there without killing yourself.

When you get near, you see a batch of four motorcycles leaving the van behind. You're told to chase down the bikers and get the packages - it puts you onto a motorcycle that matches theirs. The bikers show up as red marks on the map. Here's the trick. You have to ride right up behind each biker and then press L1 to grab the package off their bike. So it is REALLY really important that you built up your motorcycling skills before starting this mission. This is a clear example of where skill building is critical. If you're great at motorcycling by this point, the mission is easy. If you haven't bothered to ever ride a motorcycle until now, you're going to have all sorts of trouble. Learn the skills!

Note that package holders might choose to chase and shoot at you afterwards :)

When you're done with all four, you of course have to return them back to Jizzy. When you get there -

Mission Passed!
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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