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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Mike Toreno

T-Bone says someone is onto us. T-bone calls Mike on the phone and hears bad news. You hear that Mike's trapped in a van and will talk to you until his battery runs out. There's only 5:30 left on his battery. "Mike can hear seagulls" and heavy machinery. A yellow mark shows up on your map due south. It actually is in the construction site right by your garage.

Now he can hear a truck reversing. You have about 3:50 left and have to run down to the docks, straight east. At 2:48 he can hear aircraft taking off and landing. Go into the center area of the airport.

Now you hear that there's a transponder in the vehicle and the signal will lead you towards it. Go over to the runway area and the hangers - you get a strong signal by the airport tower and see the yellow fan with two motorcycle escorts. Run over the motorcycles then shoot down the other guys. When you do, you go open up the van. Mike says we're going to torch the van with the coke in it. You agree and this upsets T-Bone. Shoot up the van until it explodes.

Now you all hop into the limo and drive off before the cops show up. Head out of the airport area and get out to the gate area with the red spot. Now when you are there you instantly get 3 stars - you have to get to a paint and spray. The closest one to where you are now is the one near your garage, in the southern Downtown area. Again this is where knowing the neighborhood well will serve you well - if you're familiar with the region it's esasy to drive there.

After you spray up, they grab your wallet and verify who you are. Then drive back to Jizzy's place. "You did good today."

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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