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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Millie - Getting the Key Card

Millie is the 'wild woman' you meet in one of your Las Venturas mission. Your task is to seduce her and get the keycard from her to break into the casino.

Once you date Millie a few times (taking her out to restaurants and such), she calls you and says you can get the keycard now. Go into her dungeon home and pick it up (along with another dildo). When you leave, you get a call from Wu Zi who is thrilled and wants you to return to the casino.

You now have the ability to do the Breaking the Bank mission. You can still date Millie more, though.

Your next date with Millie involves "having fun while driving". You have to drive fast enough that it's fun, but slow enough that she's not afraid. When you get the fun meter up fully, she wants to go home with you. It says she has left you her car keys, but you can't get into her car. There's also a two player mission at her house.

Now she wants to go dancing - on your map the disco clubs are circles. There's one at the Luxor (i.e. Camel's Toe). It's a fairly long drive to get there - go quickly so she doesn't get bored before you get there. Once you're in the club, go to the red spot. I'ts the traditional button pushing game, hitting the buttons at the indicated time. This really comes down to knowing the controller :) We ended up with 7710. She's thrilled. Take her home now. Note if you take too long that she gets bored with you.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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