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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

You get this in Caligula's Palace once Salvatore is back in town. You see the two rock stars hanging by their ankles. Maria is pretty grumpy, as she serves them food. The bird swears and she'd paid then stalks out. You come in now. "I did business with your son, Joey, back in Liberty City." Ken vouches for you. The Forellis are sending over a crew to hit Salvatore. You say that you'll take care of the hitmen. Ken wants to come along but is told to stay put.

There's a motorcycle waiting for you out front - hop on and ride on out to the airport. There's a blue mark showing you where the airplane is. Note there's an armor here in the plane's hangar. Fly on out all the way out to the distant corner of the map. You are going to be aiming for a circle that is behind the hitmans' plane. The circle moves with their plane, it's not a stationary target. Once you get there you have a cut scene of you LEAPING onto their plane and somehow opening the door from the outside. Didn't they lock their door?? You go in and have a gunfight.

Because you can't really leap with a machinegun (or so my plot logic goes, even though the cut scene often shows you holding one), you suddenly now only have a pistol available. Hopefully you have really practiced up until now so that you are very good with it, aim and reload wise. Each person takes 3 hits and this has to be done manually.

Now you have control of the plane and simply drive it back home again.

Misson passed
respect +

The cell phone rings, it's the cops who want the dossier. They say there's a ghost town - Las Brujas - that they want you to go to.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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