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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Saint Mark's Bistro

Leone is playing with Maria and throwing a knife at his new target. Salvatore Leone wants you to head out to Liberty City. You promptly say that you will take the two English guys - and Ken jumps in and says he's "Ken the Killer" and wants to come along. Your aim of course is for them to escape and get away from Leone. You send them off in a car.

OK, now you're on your own. You're told to go off to the airport and get a plane. Now this is really cruel - they keep making it sound like you are going to Liberty City and you almost expect to get an entire new map area! But of course you don't. Just fly at max throttle towards the indicator. When you fly far enough, you "transport" to the Saint Mark's area. You probably remember this from the original GTA3 game, which is pretty cool.

Anyway your mission is to kill Forelli and all of his bodyguards, while lovely music plays in the background. How elegant! There are mroe guys downstairs, roll down the stairs and take them out. Continue on behind the bar and down the stairs for the kitchen area. There's a door out the back of the kitchen area that leads into the parking lot. Forelli is hiding behind a dumpster there.

When everyone is dead you teleport back into your plane and are heading back home. You request approval to land and get cleared to land on Runway 3. It actually doesn't matter where you land.

mission passed!
respect +

Cell phone call - it's Leone. He says you're very popular for your work. "You took care of those three loose ends?" You say you did. He tells you to keep a low profile so that nobody realizes you were working for him.

Cell phone call - it's Sweet, your brother. He's upset but thinks it's hopeless.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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