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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

You get this after getting the keycard. You and Wu Zi prepare the armored car. Your task is to enter the Mafia Casino. Drive on over to Caligula's and walk into the door.

You now have 4 minutes to get the team inside. You're automatically in a dealer outfit. Go straight in and down the little stairs, then right pas tthe circular bar towards the yellow dot on the map. You say that you're new. You use the cad and down one floor and left into the machinery room. Throw the gas down the ventilation shaft hole in the back. You have to stand a distance back from it and toss it - and you get a video when you do it right.

Now hide all items from view and walk downstairs. The lights go out. Put on your night vision goggles and use the card at the bottom of the stairs. Go left, forward through the little door and down the hall to the end. Turn right and through the door. Now right into the forklift. Hop onti it and drive forward then right to the gate. Lift up the gate with the forklift.

You get a video of the guys driving in the truck. Wu Zi runs into a wall promptly. You now have 7 minutes to get the money out and back. You have to shoot down any security guards that stand in your way. Run forward, shooting. Follow the group all the way down the stairs. There are charges down there, grab them. "Someone else is in the system" says Zero. Your job is now to go back up to the generator room and shoto the guys in there. Now put remote charges in there and blow them up from the other area. You get a video. Now you have to head back downstairs. When you get down you see a video of the safe doors blowing. Go into the vault and grab armor in there. You get a cut scene of the guards coming.

Stay in the doorway and shoot down the enemies, working your way out slowly. They'll keep coming down the stairs Soon your team is behind you and you lead them up like little ducklings through the hallways. When you get back to the truck, Zero tells two of you to change into your police uniforms. Now it says you're the decoy, to get to the service elevator. The lights all come back up. Shoot your way back out through the halls, going pretty much straight towards the yellow dot on the map. There's body armor off to the left just before the door. You get a red spot by an elevator.

Now go up some stairs to a yellow target spot. Your aim is to run across the roof and grab a parachute. There's a helicopter watching you during all of this. Just run and jump as fast as you can straight to the chute. Run and jump and wait until you're low before you open up your chute just over the strip. Land and hop into a car and drive towards the yellow spot. It's your dirt airstrip that you are aiming for. A motorcycle is best for this part if you've built up your motorcycling skills over the game.

You punch Zero for telling Berkley. Now Wu Zi says he wants to be taken home, which is automatic.

mission passed!
respect +

Cell phone - Salvatore is rather annoyed with you. He says you're dead.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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