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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
The Meat Business

Ken is all wound up and upset. You tell him to take control. He decides he wants to go to the abattoir. That's the meat packing plant. First, you need a car. He says he wants to do something safe and legal, have a wife and kids, relax. He's a little hyper.

You get into the Sindacco Abattoir. You say you want to wait outside. Ken begs you to go in with him. You try to psyche Ken up. Johnny has a fit when he sees you and collapses.

They decide they're going to attack you, and you have to fight your way out. Ken tells you to leave no witnesses - that he'll put out the fire. Really this involves having built up your gun ratings so that you can shoot quickly and easily. In the meantime, Ken is going to hide in the freezer. Note that someone tries to lock Ken in the freezer unless you shoot the bad guy first. There's armor for you in the back fo the freezer.

So anyway, shoot the guys in the room you start in and work your way forward, shooting. You go through boxes. Eventually it tells you that all bad guys are dead and that you should go for the exit. When you get to the exit, you hop into the car.

When you get out of the parking area, you just drive back to the hotel. So this is a quick and easy mission.

Mission Passed!
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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