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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Driving School - Back to School

You can go to school after you do the three garage missions, and get a phone call from your grease monkeys :)

When you enter the school, you have a yellow spot to go through a door and a red spot to stand in. Go to the red spot. There are 12 tests and you have to get a bronze score in each one to progress through the cycle. Luckily it is VERY easy to keep retrying a given lesson until you figure out the trick to it. If you get frustrated, go out and work on other things in the game. Come back when your hands are less sore. All of these skills are CRITICAL to other races and aspects of the game, so these are all really important skills to figure out and get good at.

Yes, the camera angle sucks for some of these - but the exact same is true for the "real game" too. So the point is to perfect those techniques here, in a controlled environment. You get tons of snippets of songs, as the songs reset with each retry.

1. The 360
Press and hold X and SQUARE to begin. It's a burnout donut! You have a timer running and have to go around in a perfect circle. The trick is to do an exact 360 as smoothly as possible for the 100% perfect score.

2. The 180
Now you're aiming for the perfect U-turn. Accelerate and press R1 to hit the handbrake. Then race back to the starting point and end up right in the rectangle fully. You get 100% for a perfect landing without hitting any cones.

3. Whip and Terminate
This is just a right angle exercise. Zoom forward and do a hard right hand turn, then stop in the specified area. They call this a "powerslide". Amusingly, your car changes colors and stripes each time :) The key here of course is practice so the cones stay safe.

4. Pop and Control
You're in a cop car for this one. A tire will blow out as you cross the spike strip - your goal is to stop accelerating so you can control the vehicle through the cones. Go gentle and easy here to navigate.

5. Burn and Lap
You can choose clockwise or counterclockwise here, whichever is easiest for you. You're doing laps around a tiny track, and have to do 5 revolutions within 40 seconds. This practices your hard turns over and over again :) If you cross out of your lane on a given lap, that lap won't count. You also can't come to a complete stop - you can slow down, though, to turn the corners. When you're turning the corners, you're using the R1 handbrake as in all of them.

6. Cone Coil
Again you can choose clockwise or counterclockwise on this one. You're in essence doing a slalom left and right around the cones, then getting to a red spot where you turn back into the original direction. A grid of yellow lines on the ground indicate where you have to stay within. Slalom down, turn around, slalom back and park. You have to cut them as tightly as you can to make it. You shouldn't need to break.

7. The "90"
This is the classic spy movie move. Race down towards the two parked cards and then spin sideways at the end to "slide in" to be parked in line with the other two cars. Drive down aiming at the front tire of the car in back. As you get very close, hit just a little handbrake to turn you sideways, but the other brake to stop your progress. Too much handbrake will cause you to point back in the direction you came from.

8. Wheelie Weave
Drive up the ramp given by aiming a little left, and then balance the car left to right in order to stay up on two wheels until you reach the end red spot. You have to aim a little left of the red spot near the end to keep the momentum going.

9. Spin and Go
You get another choice here of clockwise or counterclockwise. You use reverse to spin around quickly halfway down the track and then point forward to drive the rest of the way. It's a super short course but very tight. 10. P.I.T. Maneuver
This is an actual technique used by cops, and it stands for the Precision Immobilization Technique. This is where you nudge the rear corner of a car to spin it around without hurting it much. You have two cop cars here. There's a rectangle marked on the grond that you two have to stay within, so don't take too long to hit him. You drive so your front tire is up against his rear tire, then turn him sharply to the side. You have to wait until you build up enough speed, closing in on the end of the course, so your hit is powerful.

11. Alley Oop
This is a trick jump. They want you to leap off a ramp and do a barrel roll in mid-air to land on your wheels again. When you're in the air, release the accelerator and then use the joystick to spin the car. This takes a few times to get the hang of - but it's incredibly useful for your insane jumps later on! You get lots of money bonusses while trying this out. You want your right tire to be off the ramp and your left tire to be just down the blue stripe on the right of the ramp. You want to land facing forward and on your tires. The further right you hit the ramp, the quicker you spin.

12. City Slicking
The final test is a real life road test. You have 2 minutes (120 seconds) to race to the other end of the city and back again. That of course means each direction should take just 1 minute. The road goes straight most of the way but then runs into a large cathedral. If you stop, that counts as a failure. If you look at the map, you're starting right near the house in the "Doherty" square and taking the main north-south road up through downtown, then calton heights - at downtown (north) you have to curve right over to the pizza spot in the northeast corner of the city. That is in fact your turnaround spot to race home again.

Mission passed!
driving skill +

When Cesar calls, he's saying "now's a good time to look for the courier" - you can say yes or no.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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