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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Los Desperados

You and Sweet argue about who is doing what for the family, while there is a riot blazing outside. Cesar runs in and says he really needs help. He needs his gang back together - Sweet tells you to go and help out. "The Barrio is coming back!" says Cesar.

You're going to Unity Station to meet up with Cesar's guys. It's your job to recruit friends to go along. You have to do it quickly so that you gang members aren't shot or pulled out of the car by rioters. It REALLY helps if you have taken over all territories before you do this mission. That way you can find green guys everywhere on the map pretty much.

Drive over to the red spot, by the train tracks. You see guys with green headbands. You guys have to work through your neighborhood and kill off the white banded guys. "Hasta la Muerte!" (until the death). Just go through the neighborhood in a search and destroy mission, shooting all the marked guys. Try to avoid shooting your own teammates who sometimes choose to run into your line of fire. When you get them all, "that's the last of them - let's move out" says Cesar.

Now run along to the red dot in the alley. "That was easy" says Cesar. You guys have a rocket launcher with you to take your house back. Run forward by Cesar (marked with a blue arrow) and shoot any guys in the alley that are in front of you . Hazer gets hurt, and then you see more guys coming over the walls. Shoot them down. There's health in a garage to your right. Turn around and shoot the guys behind you.

Now you're on the final assaut, just keep shooting the bad guys as they run around. It should go pretty quickly if you've built up your skill. You offer to take Hazer to the hospital but Cesar tells you to just get home.

Mission passed!
respect +

cell phone - Sweet says you need to take over the entire city.

cell phone - Sweet calls again. You learn that Smoke is hiding in one of two locations - Los Flores or East Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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