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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
End of the Line

You and Sweet are ready to go after Smoke. You hop into Sweet's car and are told to drive to Big Smoke's Crack Fortress. There will be roadblocks along the way - avoid them and get to the red spot.

You say you want to go in there alone, that Smoke and Tenpenny played you. You let Brian die, and you want to make it up to you family. You need to get a SWAT tank to knock down the entrance and break in to the fortress.

This is rough because everyone is shooting at everyone. Ride the bike down to the SWAT tank and jump in. Drive it back up and drive right into the doorway. Drive along through the halls to the yellow spot.

Floor 1: Security Area. You learn Smoke is up on the fourth floor and you have to work your way up. Really this is like the motel mission where you go slowly down the hallways, shooting each guy as he jumps out at you. You really want to have good shooting skills before you attempt this so your accuracy is high. There is health and body armor all along the route so if you are slow and cautious you should be fine.

You work through a big warehouse area and then go left to the stairs up.

Floor 2: Drug Lab. Grab the body armor if you need it, and shoot the machinery in the main lab room to blow it up. Then go up to the balcony and run all along the upper area. There's a barrel at the end by the doors to shoot and a health here.

Floor 3: Ballas Lounge. Get the guy in the entry cage and his body armor. Now go on into the luonge and shoot away. There are a few innocent people in here. There's also a big statue of Smoke. The exotic danger has health and body armor. Go to the end of the room to go up.

Floor 4: Penthouse. Big Smoke is wearing body armor so you can shoot him in the head or legs only - you can't use auto aim on him. You can use auto aim on his friends of course. He's playing some sort of a video game. Soon you guys are fighting and he turns the light out but luckily the giant red arrow over his head makes him easy to spot. When you take him out he says he "got caught up in the money." He dies and you're sad.

Tenpenny shows up and wants you to drop your gun. You load up the suitcase of money for him. He tries to shoot you but you distract him and dive for cover. You have 7 minutes to get back out of the buildling. There is body armor nearby and you start with the night vision. Select and use them and go down the stairs exactly the way you came in, with a new set of enemies to shoot while you head out. Don't worry about exploring or slowing down here. Just work methodically from room to room, killing the enemies and going down the stairs. Grab the body armor in each cage by the stairs.

Switch back to normal vision when you get near fires to see it well enough to extinguish it. You have to aim at the bottom of the flames to put them out, then continue on. Again, be slow and methodical. Don't rush - getting too close to a fire can set YOU on fire and burn out your health.

A lot of the skill in this map is to learn it well so you're not trying to figure out which way to go. The big warehouse room on the first floor is probably the biggest challenge, with lots of enemies and fire. Clear them out and go back through the entry cages and then put out a wall of flames to get out of the buildling. It should really take only 2 - 2.5 minutes to get out once you know the map.

You get a video as you get to the entrance and the whole building explodes.

You think the mission would be over but NOOOOOOOOOOOO this is a super long one. You're in a little squirrly car chasing a firetruck with Sweet hanging off the end. There are people throwing cocktails at you and the route taken is a twisty one. You don't have to stay right with him at this part, just don't lose him. You can't shoot or bash him either. Eventually he makesa U-turn onto the railroad tracks - a train comes from the other direction. Now he makes a u-turn on the tracks again and comes out onto the southern highway and turns left.

At this point you get a timer, because a cop is stomping on his fingers. So you have to get right underneath him, and catch him when he jumps. Don't get TOO close because then he'll fall behind you. You need to be beneath him.

At this point he takes over the steering wheel and you take over the gun. Shoot the two rookie cops on the back of the truck, then shoot all the cars, trucks and bikes that chase you as you keep going forward. It works best if you shoot at the driver, but again it is really critical that you've built up your skill with your weapons (especially machine pistol) before this point. If you haven't, go back and replay other missions or simply go around shooting things to build that up. You get a little cut scene of the chase and then go back to more shooting. "He's losing control!" shouts Sweet.

At the end of the run, the truck goes flying off the bridge and crashes. Tenpenny climbs out, yelling at you. "I took the trash out - and I'd do it all again," he says. Sweet says not to bother shooting him, he's dead already. Truth says you're an icon. Your pals all go get something to eat, and you join them. Now you all are talking around the table, and Ken and Dogg show up. "Our first gold record!!"

You say you're going to go 'hit the block and see what's happenin'" - and the credits roll.

mission passed!
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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