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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Body Harvest

It's the cop smoking with "Mr. Truth" - and the cop wants you to deliver the drugs. Truth is an older, white haired guy with a bandana. It's actually bad drugs and they want to send it to someone to ruin his career.

He offers you Vietnamese opium but you refuse. He says fascists have a harvester and he needs it. It's on a farm, now marked on your map.

The farmers of course want their combine and fight to protect it. However, once you get in the harvester, it is a massive death machine. Just run down any person in your path.

When you get it there, he thanks you - and Cesar calls immediately. Kendl is OK, but now there's a price on Cesar's head and Kendl's too. His whole clan is under attack. You say to get Kendl to safety, and he says OK.

There's a BF Injection here for you to play with!

Mission passed
Respect +

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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