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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Don Peyote

In front of the casino, you get a cell phone call from Truth. He says that he's worried about his British band friends who apparently were abandoned in the desert after a drug induced haze. I wonder who they could be :) Your task is to go find Paul and Maccer. Hop into a four wheel drive, four door car and head on out to the marked blue spot on your map.

Once you get close, you are in federal lands and instantly go to 5 stars. This is Not Good :) You have to dodge the FBI, helicopters and cops while trying to close in on your target area. Pull into the red spot to see a cut-scene of you calling to the guys. Apparently they have a friend in a casino. You need a vehicle with at least two passenger seats.

Now you head over to a snake farm. There's a parachute along the path, in a hut. A little way later you have to pull over so some puking can be done. Next you have to stop so one of the guys can pee. When you get there, there's a shootout with the insane locals. Make sure you kill all of the locals, or you'll be chased the entire way back.

Now head back to Rosie's Casino. When they walk in, he says "It's me! Kent Paul!" Rosie is worried about all the mob guys.

Mission passed!
Respect +

cell phone call - Paul calls and says he needs help.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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