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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Key to Her Heart

You tell Wu Zi about the plans, which you hide behind a Love Fist poster. You get a security card reader. Now you just need a card. First you have to go to Caligula's casino. When you get there, you spot your target. You have to follow her carefully, not setting the spook-o-meter off too high.

She ends up in a sex shop, so of course you're required to follow her inside. You wouldn't want to lose her! Roam around without getting too distracted by the ... ahem ... items and people in there. Go to the red spot in the back. You see a cut scene of the girl in the outfit. She talks to "Master Benny" and says she'll meet him at her house.

Now you have to get a gimp suit. You find it in back, in the changing room. Now you walk out in a full leather ... outfit. Iiiiiinteresting. Again, you have to follow her in your car at a safe distance.

Kill off Benny so that you can take his place.

When you get to the house, she lets you in. She thinks you're the Master. The room is a complete torture room. The door closes for the "torture" part of the session. Now you have a girlfriend who you have to wine and dine to get the info from.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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