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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Dam and Blast

Wu Zi says nothing can go wrong with this plan. You head out to the airport - your plan is to parachute into the quarry. When you get to the airport, you can see a plane sitting in the midle of the runway. You get to the back and climb in. Now it says to fly to the jump point over the dam.

Fly as high as you can up through the clouds to get up to the red spot in the sky. If you can't get high enough on your first pass, circle around to get it on a subsequent run. When you get there, you leap out of the plane as it plummets to the earth. You are now free falling downwards. Pull the chute to gently fall towards the red glowing pillar by the lake. It's OK if you fall into the water - there are stairs you can get up to that point from.

You're now told to go get the knife and work your way through the guards. You do actually have your other weapons but you shouldn't be using them. Crepe slowly along towards the red box witht he knife in front of it. Go over the ledge to the right where you go all the way down to the end. Go up the stairs to the red spot.

Now you're told this is all about stealth. There are generators to place charges on with the triangle button. Go left up the stairs and watch the guards on the left. Watch him and when he's away from you, go forward to the generator to plant the explosives. Wait there and then sneak along behind the guard to go to the next generator

Keep along to the next two - you can shoot them with a silenced pistol if you have to before planting the explosives. Now it says to get to the exit - the red mark ahead of you.

Now you're on the roof - you dive into the water head first.

Mission passed
respect +

Swim straight ahead along the wall (straight south) to get to the plane or helicopter there to get home in.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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