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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Up, Up and Away!

You need to have a van to do the heist with - and are going to steal a giant helicopter to lift one away. You're nominated as the pilot. The briefing says that if you take a military vehicle to the military fuel dump, that they'll open the gates and let you in. You DO need full armor and the extra health from the ambulance missions because there will be a LOT of attacks going on.

You don't actually need to get a vehicle. When you get close to the gates look up to the right. There's a building past the gate to the right and the highest point is the helicopter landing pad. To get up there, though, you have to go LEFT through the gate and go through a warehouse of bad guys. (well they're the good guys I suppose) Figures, eh?

So anyway. Go towards the gate, and a military vehicle will come OUT so you can just drive in. If you miss him, then you should jack a Packer, make yourself a ramp and then jump in.

Drive all the way around back to the left, to the containers and keep going. They forget about you and you're all alone now. From back here you can see the helicopter. With your sniper rifle shoot the guards from down here to make your life later on easier.

The first room of the warehouse has a ton of guys, but also has an armor and health replenishment. They expect you to get pretty shot up on this mission! There's a horseshoe out the back room. There are stairs up by a tall cylinder building. Head up there.

When you get up to the helicopter, two gunships will come in at you, and you'll be told to use the mini-gun to take them down. Head over to the red circle and commence shooting. Make sure the ground troops are all done by this point, otherwise you'll be easy pickings while you're mini-gunning.

When it's clear, you're pointed at the truck. Note that you can't raise and lower the winch - you just have a set length of line. Be careful not to smash the truck into the ground! Fly on over to grab the truck, and take it back a LONG long way to your desert hideout! The entire way, the truck is swinging ... swinging ... you are getting sleepy ...

NOTE: If you have the jetpack or helicopters, you can go in by air directly to the helicopter. However, they launch missiles at you if you do, so it's actually harder to do it that way.

mission passed!
respect +

You now get a phone call from Wu Zi, who tells you to work on the girl to get the card.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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