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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
A Home in the Hills

You get this mission after you finish a few for Salvatore Leone, including flying back to Liberty City.

You see Kendl and Wu Zi interviewing a midget who is singing. They try to dismiss him and he gets very testy. Kendl wants "real talent" and Madd Dogg shows up, clean. He's not quite ready yet to head on stage, though. He wants to go to his mansion. Madd Dogg hesitates and then admits that his mansion has been seized by Big Poppa, the drug dealer. You're very upset with him about this.

You all head out into the hot Las Venturas air and fly on back to "home". You're on the plane and get a call. Kendl says she's going to go back to San Fierro with Cesar and Madd Dogg. You and another guy are going to parachute down onto the mansion roof.

You want to pull your rip cord pretty much immediately because you have a long way to drift to get there. It's straight ahead of you with the circular area. If you pull to late you have to run along the ground all the way around the mansion. Keep your joystick back as you land so you go slowly. You land standing up that way. Run forward and shoot the bad guys on the roof. More climb over from the far side as you shoot.

There's armor in the corner if you need it. Now go down the ramp and over to the front door. Three guys will come with you. One guy says you're heavily outnumbered and then is promptly shot. You and the other two are now on a search and destroy mission. Stay in the middle and behind the other two guys and work your way down the hallways, slaying the guys as they come out. Go slowly and steadily so you're not overrun.

The middle room on the left has armor in it. At the last two rooms, you start having guys come in at you from the back. The kitchen has health in it. As you start down the stairs in the concrete area, Big Poppa appears and is making a run for it. Don't worry about rushing though, you have time to go gather armor and slay people if you want to.

Keep running, shooting the bad guys and ignoring the cringing partiers. The checkerboard pool room has a few guys in it, and now you're out of the mansion.

But it's not over yet! You're now in a car chase, in a really squirrly car. You have to run him off the road. This can be really dangerous in this hilly, cliffy area. You really need to practice driving a lot before you can do this one. He doesn't drive a set route, so you have to be a good driver and able to keep up with him.

Finally you get a video of taking back the mansion.

mission passed!
respect +

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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