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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Amphibious Assault

This mission won't let you begin unless you're good at holding your breath underwater. Go out to your local body of water and build up your lung capacity!

When you get just 3-4 upgrade points, you can do the mission. Wu Zi wants you to put a bug on a boat up in the northeastern part of town. He says he's afraid of eels and such. He admits that he's blind, and you ask him if he knows you're black :)

Get all the way out to the docks. You're shown the boat out at see, and there are patrol boats watcing for you. The cut scene has you leap into the water. First, swim to a rd spot right nearby. It'll start a chain of checkpoint spots for you to swim through. Now there's an underwater tunnel led with red rings under the water. You're a dolphin! Keep going up and down as the red checkpoints change from surface spots to underwater rings.

When you get to the main water area, you're told not to swim on the surface - otherwise you'll be spotted. Swim underwater out to the tanker. Only surface when you need to get some air into you. If you've really practiced your swimming before now, this will be easy, as you'll have lots of lung capacity.

Go up at the yellow spot indicated, on the other side of the tanker. Head up the ladder, and now you're in the tanker. There are red dogs where the guards are, and a yellow dot leading you onward. Creep in and shoot the various guards with a silenced pistol. When you get in to the spot, you plant a bug there and now have to get out. Again, sneak out slowly through the boxes and crates. Get back up onto the deck and hop over the railing into the water. Swim back to the indicated yellow spot, under the patrol boats.

When you reach the docks, you're set.

mission passed!
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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