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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
The Da Nang Thang

Something big has come up. He gets a call and is upset. He says if things go well he'll invite you to his new spot. You get into a helicopter. You circle around and despite shooting at the ship guards, your helicopter is shot down. Swim to the red spot. You're told to sneak into the hull of the ship. Sneak up on the guards and take them out as you go. There's a yellow spot on the map guarding you.

You see "refugees' guards" down here and need to kill them. There's body armor and weapons in a cavity over to the right - jump up and over the boxes. Make sure you kill all of the guards. Soon you get to a container and can hear someone inside. You're told to shoot the padlock. When you do, guys come out of it. "Please, the snake head tricked us. We are prisoners!" They want help escaping. You see a Japanese guy on the bridge. Now you're told to leave no one alive on the bridge.

Head on out, jumping up the stairs of boxes. Keep going up boxes when you get outside, working your way up to the entrance to the bridge. When you get there, the swordfight is actually rather easy, and then you're told to go back to the refugees. Work your way over to the edge of the boat where the refugees wait in dinghies. They say thank you and ride off.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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